Citrus Flatlay-Peony Hill Studio

Playing with color…

I love to arrange found objects, fruit, flowers, whatever and photograph them. When playing with color schemes, I find he most helpful thing to do is look to the environment you are in, and take notes.

A few tips on picking a color scheme for your website, or for your brand:

  1. Do not go with more than three. I learned this trick when I started quilting years and years and years ago. The rule of quilting is similar, you don’t want to get so busy with color and patterns that you can’t focus on what the content is.
  2. Choose wisely. Pick web friendly colors. Because most of your marketing and advertising is done online, and not in print anymore, make sure you choose a color theme that looks good on the screen.
  3. Make sure the color(s) match what you are marketing. We all associate certain colors with certain products. Take McDonald’s, we all know that yellow mustard color and red is McDonald’s. Those colors are meant to make you hungry! If you are a small garden company for example, stick with organic, earthy colors with  one pop of color.


There is a great article about color, and associations here (also great when choosing a paint color for a specific room! The same rules can be applied to your brand.