Five Ways to kick start creativity

We’ve been talking to a lot of creative folks lately, in person, online, and chatting with like-minded designers, photographers, etc. Bottom line? We all seem to hit a wall when it comes to creating , whether it be a painting, a new book, a better idea, a change in our space.

We’ve come up with five ways to kick start your creativity. And they are all super simple!

Peony Hill Studio-1. Read

a book, yes, read a book. It allows your mind to be free of anything aside from what you are doing! Let yourself get lost in a good book.

2. Go outside!

Even if the weather is not great, even a rainy cloudy day can get your mind going, walking, by yourself, is a great way to let your mind wander. Look at trees, buildings, arcitecture people, what are you seeing? How is the light? Soft , hard, bright, cool? 3. Cook

We spoke about trying new things, some of us love to bake, some love to make pizza, and some like take out, the bottom line? Cooking something, can transpose you into a differnt train of thought. Strugling to write? Stop, and do somthing else. Somtimes we can get blocked, and staring at an eypmty page just dosn’t help.

4. Practice Meditation

Meditation silences all those hectic thoughts that are constantly playing in your mind throughout the day. By following different meditation techniques, you gain an inner calm while opening your mind to more creative thoughts and better ideas.

5.Write It Down

Writing down your ideas as soon as they pop into your head is a great habit and is a training exercise for the brain to keep the ideas coming. Writing ideas down clears the mind to move on to other ideas, and you never worry about forgetting them.

Hope this helps, and you can try some of these technique’s. Happy hump day!