Happy Earth Day!

Fish Print-Peony Hill Studio-Earth Day post! Crab Print via Peony Hill Studio-Earth day post! Happy Earth Day! In  2017 I began drawing sea creatures. Starting with a pencil, a photograph, and sometimes some (dead) samples. I love the Japanese  Gyotaku prints, and as a child woould make them with dead fish. It sounds totally disgusting, and it kind of is, but children have no inhibitions about playing with dead fish, frogs, worms, lets face it. While I didn’t do that, I was inspired by it. I am not good at pencil drawing, it was the drawing class that was required for my art major that I always strugled with. But I found using a photograph, and then scaning the image and adding color on photoshop made it look a lot better-and decided that digital art is not cheating (oh I still strugal with that). However, i’m happy with the little sea creatures, and will soon add them to the print shop for purchase. I will most certainly update with a post once I get the shop up and running properly. I have had zero time to do this lately. As a wedding photographer as well, Ive hit the beginging of wedding season, and I am trying to carve out at least two days a week just to update the site, now that it is LIVE! I am hoping to have a bit of time this coming week to add a shop, but I havn’t decided weather the shop should just be my premade logos, or weather I can combine my photography with it. It’s tough when you have two distinct business, and I am struggling with the best way to do this. Ive tried many online shop options. I have not setlled on what to use yet. If there are any photographers, makers, designers, etc out there that have any tips, I’d love to hear them!


Happy Earth day and be kind to all the creatures on earth!