New Logo design

Custom Logo DesignI love making logos! It may be my favorite thing about designing. This particular logo was for a photographer friend-so it was really fun to brainstorm with her! Below are some concepts that we started with, and its interesting to see how it evolved.

We started with a back and fourth-she sent me some colors she loved, and she said she knew she wanted a black font-right off the bat I suggested a dark gray, as it complients the blush colors she was leaning towards. The brush strokes were to give it a feminine and romantic feel (she is a wedding photographer). I created layers of brush strokes, first with watercolor and again on PS. The  outcome was layers of pink, nude, and tads of pale gold. It was super fun, and the first time I worked with brush stokes, and now I am addicted!


She happily found this script, after searching and searching on Pinterest, tip she found this free font! Looking for some free fonts? Check out Squirrel Font!