things-to kick-start-your-creativityAt Peony Hill Studio we take into account all your ideas, and transform them into a beautiful responsive site. We will provide you with a digital mood board. As we brainstorm together the final product that you want to see as your brand. We also provide custom logo design and full marketing packaging (business card, social media, logo). For those left side brains- we know it’s also important to be found. Your site will be easily found with great organic SEO. We stay true to organic search methods, and know that gimmicks just don’t work long term. We know how important it is to be found on the web! Having a responsive website is so important! Most people do their initial web search on their mobile devices, so we make your site look good across the board, and easy to navigate.

 The design starts with an informal conversation and a questionnaire that you are asked to fill out . Our Inspiration is drawn from natural elements around us; we provide a cohesive and beautiful design to represent our clients. If you’d like to create a Pinterest board, we encourage you to do so; this allows us to know visually, what direction to move in. The strength of our design lies in our background in fine art. 


Bright flowers

We’re here to help. If you would like to find out more about upcoming designs or would like to request customization services, then please feel free to reach out.   We’ll get back to you straight away. We love suggestions and questions.


 “Good Design is obvious, great design is transparent”-Joe Sparano